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Ms. Butler received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Bowie State University, a Master’s degree in Reading Instruction from Bowie State University, and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Bilingual Special Education from The George Washington University. She has also finished her third Master's degree in Instructional Design for Online Learning at Capella University. Ms. Butler plans to pursue doctoral studies in Language, Literacy, and Culture. Her research interests include comparative education visual literacy, sociolinguistics, and participatory program evaluation.

Teacher Agency: Educators Moving from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset

Originally posted on User Generated Education:
It is a myth that we operate under a set of oppressive bureaucratic constraints. In reality, teachers have a great deal of autonomy in the work they chose to do in their classrooms. In most cases it…

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When Feedback Met Bloom

Originally posted on @LeadingLearner:
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Dylan Wiliam or reading John Hattie’s work then you will see there is definitely a meeting of minds, the meeting of two great minds if truth be told. …

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To support or not support? That is the question. Shanahan argued that, learning to read is an interaction between a learner, a text, and a teacher. This link illustrates two theories that are being applied in US schools on a … Continue reading

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Assessment and Accommodations: A Response to Dr. Shanahan’s Blog, The Lindsay Lohan Award for Poor Judgment or Dopey Doings in the Annals of Testing

On July 21st, Dr. Shanahan awarded the Lindsay Lohan award to the PARCC consortium for its poor decision on allowing its reading test to be read to struggling readers. Namely, PARCC has permitted a read-to accommodation for K-12 learners identified … Continue reading

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Teacher as Mediator of Complex Text

On January 8, 2002, President George W. Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act. This law significantly impacted literacy instruction across the US because it mandated instruction in early literacy to be based on scientific research. As … Continue reading

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SoMIRAC’s 21st Century Newsletter

The second edition of the 21st Century Literacy Leaders newsletter is now available. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide specialized information to Maryland’s literacy leaders. As our state’s schools build teacher capacity in preparation for the Common Core State … Continue reading

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Reflections on Cuba: Functionally Eradicating Illiteracy

Cuba is a fascinating diverse island nation with a complex history and a rich culture. While on the island, I got the opportunity to visit a teacher preparation program within a university, an elementary school, and a school for individuals … Continue reading

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SoMIRAC’s 21st Century Literacy Leaders Committee unveils its inaugural newsletter

The State of Maryland International Reading Association Council’s 21st Century Literacy Leaders Committee released its first bi-monthly newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide specialized information to Maryland’s literacy leaders. As our state’s schools build teacher capacity in preparation for the Common Core … Continue reading

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Why are educators petrified to assign complex text?

At first, I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking, I could never live without you by my side But then I spent so many nights thinking, how you did me wrong And I grew strong and I learned how … Continue reading

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Linguistics anyone?

I am currently reading a book entitled, Understanding English Language Variation in U.S. Schools by Drs. Hudley and Mallinson (2011). They submitted that, “all educators need knowledge and tools to understand their students’ language differences and variations, address the language-related … Continue reading

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